2 School Board Candidate Questionnaire • 2016

1. Give your name, district and seat, address, phone, fax, and e-mail address.
2. What is your experience in government, politics, and public issues?
3. In approving appointments and/or staff hiring for all positions, do you support a policy of nondiscrimination toward sexual minorities?
4. Are there any areas of employment where you feel sexual minority people should not be hired? If so, what areas?
5. How can public schools combat harassment, bullying and hate crimes against sexual minority students, faculty, and staff?
6. What resources would you have the public schools offer to students who are lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgendered?
7. What resources would you have the public schools offer to students regarding information on family planning, birth control, and abortion?
8. Do you support the Board of Public Education's established policy concerning HIV-infected students and employees? What can the public schools do to help students avoid infection with HIV? Do you support additional HIV prevention education?
9. How will you help public schools create a more inclusive atmosphere for children from nontraditional families (such as single-parent, same-gender parents, step-families, bi-racial families)?
10. Do you support a change in the public schools' curriculum that would include more information throughout the school year on the contributions of sexual minority people, African-Americans, women, and other minorities to U.S. culture?
11. What is your position on pay equity and comparable worth?
12. What is your position on affirmative action to combat racism and sexism? In particular, how would you improve the Board of Public Education's outreach program for minority teachers and administrators?  top.gif (906 bytes)