The Gertrude Stein Political Club of Greater Pittsburgh

supports these candidates for nomination

in the May 16 Primary Election


U. S. Senate

Alan Sandals (Dem)


Lieutenant Governor

Valerie McDonald Roberts (Dem)


State Legislator

20th District      Don Walko (Dem)

21st District       Frank Pistella (Dem)

23rd District      Dan Frankel (Dem)

24th District      Joeseph Preston (Dem)

25th District      Daniel Mator (Dem)

27th District      Dan Cindric (Dem)

34th District      Steve Karas (Dem)


State Committee

    38th District  Ellen Harrison (Dem)

               42nd District   Robert Vincent Frank (Dem)

43rd District      Marvin Leibowitz (Dem)

                               Michael J. McGeever (Dem)

                   Tara Reynolds (Dem)