The Gertrude Stein Political Club supports these candidates, May 18, 2010, Primary:

United States Senate

Joe Sestak (D)

Governor of Pennsylvania

Joe Hoeffel (D)

Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania

Jonathan Saidel (D)

PA StateHouse: Representative

Tonya Payne (D) 19th District

Dan Frankel (D) 23rd District

Joe Preston (D)†† 24th District

Democratic State Committee

Pamela Macklinó38th District

Robert Vincent Frank--42nd District

Marvin Liebowitz--43rd District

Barbara Ernsberger--43rd District


NOTE: This will be the LAST endorsement by the Gertrude Stein Political Club, and the 30-year-old club will cease to exist, unless new members are willing to take on leadership roles and duties.If you value what the club does, and can give 2-3 hours a month, plus an additional 5-10 hours in the month before either election, please step up.We, and LGBT Pittsburgh, need you--right now.Dues can be reduced or waived in exchange for executive committee duties. To volunteer, contact or leave voice mail c/o Joy at 412-208-4913.