The Gertrude Stein Political Club of Greater Pittsburgh supports
the following candidates for the May 18, 2021, primary:

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PA Supreme Court (one seat, D):
Maria McLaughlin

PA Superior Court (one seat, D):
Jill Beck

Commonwealth Court (2 seats):
Amanda Green Hawkins (D)
David Spurgeon (D)

Allegheny County Common Pleas Court (9 seats):
Lisa Middleman (D/R)
Chelsa Wagner (D)
Nicola Henry-Taylor (D)
Brian Malkin (D)
Mik Pappas (D/R)
Giuseppe Rosselli (D)
Patrick Sweeney (D)
Sabrina Korbel (D/R)

County Council, District 9 (D):
Steven Singer

Mayor, City of Pittsburgh (D):
Ed Gainey

Pittsburgh City Council District 4 (D):
Bethani Cameron

Pittsburgh School Board (D/R):
Sylvia Wilson (District 1)
Terry Kennedy (District 5)

Magistrate (D/R):
Matt Rudzki (District 05-2-04)

Hilary Wheatley Taylor (District 05-2-19)

Ballot initiatives:
Statewide: The state legislature should not usurp the governor's emergency powers! Please therefore vote "No" and "No" on the Emergency Declarations Amendments (PA Question 1 and PA Question 2). We endorse "Yes" on the Equal Rights initiative /PA Question 3 (proposed by Vincent Hughes).

Allegheny County: Please vote "Yes" on the Allegheny County Initiative to Prohibit Solitary Confinement in the county jail (except emergencies, lockdowns and protective separation).

City of Pittsburgh: Please vote"Yes" on Pittsburgh's "No-Knock Warrant Ban."

Please request mail-in ballots
as early as possible at PA2020, and get the ballot in as early as possible.
If voting in person, check where your polling place is, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.
VOTE Tuesday May 18, 2021!


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