We are a multipartisan organization working in electoral politics for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights by helping candidates who are committed to helping us secure those rights.

We stand for the banning of discrimination based on sexual/affectional orientation, gender, transgender identity, or race in work, housing, accommodations, and public services.  We work for domestic partner benefits and the recognition of same sex marriages.  We support women's rights, including comparable worth and the right to choose a safe and legal abortion.  We advocate continued use of affirmative action to end racism.

We begin our work by sending all candidates questionnaires on our issues.  Our members study the signed and dated answers of those candidates who reply, taking into consideration their records as well, and then vote to endorse those who prove to be our allies.  more of what we do.










1We Publicize our endorsed candidates in our community:
sumbul3d.gif (138 bytes) We advertise in OUT! and Planet Q, listing our candidates and each candidate's lever number on the voting machines.
sumbul3d.gif (138 bytes) We send news releases to the gay press and community organizations explaining why our members voted endorsements for the candidates on our slate.
sumbul3d.gif (138 bytes) We hold a reception for our endorsed candidates two weeks before each election and invite our community and our friends.
sumbul3d.gif (138 bytes) Before each election, we distribute our slate cards, listing all our endorsed candidates.  We hand them out at the polls and everywhere in the community.
sumbul3d.gif (138 bytes) We escort several of our endorsed candidates on visits to events prior to the election top.gif (906 bytes) more.gif (905 bytes)








And GSPCGP members do more!
  GSPCGP members circulate official nominating petitions during prescribed periods before elections to help those candidates we have endorsed in previous elections to get on the ballot when they run for reelection or for a new office.

Throughout the year, we help members and friends of our community register to vote.  We help voters, office holders and candidates for office understand the importance of our issues to our community, to our friends and families, and to the larger society.  top.gif (906 bytes) back.gif (904 bytes)     

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