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The members of GSPCGP will use these questionnaires in deciding our endorsements for the 2015 primary election. 

Primary Election Endorsement Process

General Election Endorsement Process

Executive Office Candidate Questionnaire 2016

Exec-Administrative Office Candidate Questionnaire 2016

Legislative Candidate Questionnaire 2016

School Board Candidate Questionnaire 2016

Judicial Candidate Questionnaire 2016

When you email a response, it can be a .doc, .pdf, or .RTF file, or you can answer the questions within the text of the e-mail message. Please include a) a scanned signature or b) electronic signature, or c) a statement that the candidate has personally signed off on the version of the questions being sent. Please also note the identity of the person actually sending the email.

Please submit to GSPCGP@gmail.com with a cc to jfsabl@gmail.com.

The deadline for endorsement in the 2015 Primary Election is March 25, 2016. Endorsement vote is scheduled for March 30, 2016.